Indigenous Wheel Co. was founded with the idea that wheels should be light, fast, and enduring. Built to stand up to the rigors of racing and training, our wheels will make the ride. Whether you’re looking for a set of custom race wheels, a hardier set for commuting, or anything in between, we have you covered.

In addition to custom wheels, Indigenous Wheel Co is a full-service repair shop – a true “one stop shop.” From commuters who need simple solutions, to racers that want that edge on the course, we can provide additional input on repairs to help get you back on the bike and make every ride a great one.


With over fifteen years of experience working in local bicycle shops, as well as in other facets of the cycling world, Joey has made a name for himself as both a knowledgeable and enthusiastic mechanic, and as a competitive racer. He brings a trained eye to every project, with innovative ideas and build suggestions to meet the needs of each rider as an individual. Joey’s sense of detail has no limit. He can help scrub grams throughout a race build, provide a wealth of customization options for your classic cruiser, or even make your child’s stroller impervious to flats.

Joey’s love of riding and racing allows him to stay in-the-know on new products and developments in the cycling world. He doesn’t just read about new components, he rides them (well, as many as he can) and provides the best feedback he can so cyclists of all disciplines can make informed choices. Joey is at the shop during (and beyond) normal business hours, and enjoying butt-on-bike time in his off hours.


Wheelbuilder, one-woman sales team, race team coordinator, accounting manager, and shop co-owner, Kelsey can do it all, and then some. Every wheel that leaves that shop has been measured, prepped, and laced by Kelsey. She is the QC manager behind that scenes who makes sure what you order is exactly what you get. With the combined IWC race teams consisting of 50+ racers, the same organizational mindset keeps team support going throughout the year: Kelsey knows what each team member races, when they race, and what they need to be successful on race day. 

When Kelsey isn’t tackling workday projects or team management tasks, she can be found riding local roads or trails, cooking, or hosing mud off clothing and bikes. 


Filling out the Indigenous Wheel Co. trifecta is Tesla, CNO (Chief Napping Officer) and semi-professional greeter. In the warmer months, she displays her dedication to cycling by licking the strangely hairless calves of the regulars. In the cooler months, she shows off her vast coat collection and curates her “struggling and starving artist” aesthetic to further her continuous search for snacks. Tesla has been named IWC’s Employee of the Month for the past thirty-two consecutive months.